Report on a field trip to Peca


In the early September 2020, students of 2. b went on a field trip to a residential home Peca.  The purpose of this report is to describe this field trip as well as present the students’ opinion of it.

The objective of the field trip

The objective of the field trip was for the students to acquire geographical knowledge of the area, its culture, its cities as well as natural beatuy. It was also meant to be a great bonding experience for our class. We did not only have time to get educated but we also spent time by the camp fire, singing and just being sociable in general.


The plan was not complicated as on the first day we visited Celje, its lake, Velenje and Šempeter necropolis. Throughout the week the plan was to participate in many activites near the residential home Peca and also take some lessons. The ride home was estimated on Friday afternoon.


One of the most memorable experiences was undoubtedly our cycling tour through the former lead and zinc mine Mežica. We also climbed through the adventure park, got acquainted with GPS devices and one day we also gathered herbs for our afternoon snack. Despite all these activities we also had some free time to play sports or maybe just to chat and play cards with classmates.

Students’ opinion

The students were asked to rate the trip from 1-10. The majority of them were satisfied with it. There were some minor complaints regarding accomodation. If I summarize it, the response was very positive as one would expect.


In conclusion, our field trip to Peca was an absolute succes as far as its programme is concerned. What is more, it provides a great bonding and educational experience and I would recommend it to every class.


Janez Cerkovnik

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