Positive Aspects of Distance Learning

This year, due to such a scourge as the coronavirus, all schoolchildren in the world had to switch to online schooling. It has turned out to be an unforgettable experience for all of us. Some students like this kind of school, while others only dream of going back to school. For me, it seems to be a positive experience.

In my opinion, this type of learning is better because I can organize my own time the way I want. My school is well-organized and for most subjects, we meet on Zoom. Some teachers also record lessons and post them on YouTube so we can listen to them whenever we want to and use the material to revise for tests.

Last school year many teachers decided to postpone tests in their subjects until next year, but it became difficult for students to write so many tests in such a short time at the beginning of this school year, so this year we are having all the tests on Zoom with Exam.net.

Oral testing is also performed using Zoom. At first, many teachers warned us that we would not be able to cheat, but many students found their own loopholes, just not to learn. I think it is easier to cheat at home, but if someone does not learn at school he will not learn at home either and it must not be a teacher’s problem.

Now each of us can say that we have a unique online schooling experience. In my opinion, it is less effective than going to school, but at the same time, it is better in its own way.

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