What makes a book a good read?


I always enjoy a good book and often wonder what makes it so special for me. Is it the style of writing, genre or the story of it?

A captivating storyline and character development are the key indicators for me. The author needs to be able to write a story in a way that attracts its readers and keeps the readers’ attention throughout the whole book, while not becoming meaningless. For me personally, that does not necessarily mean that such authors are also famous writers by literary standards, but rather that they can really tell a story.

However, what ultimately differentiates a great book from a good one, is the author’s ability to write a work of art with the previously mentioned characteristics. If the writer knows how to write it well by using excellent language, appropriate literary techniques, the book is not only going to have an enchanting story but it is also going to inspire the reader by being extremely well- written. I read a book entitled “The Hobbit” written by J. R. R Tolkien and also watched the movie multiple times. The Hobbit is a fantastic story because it is one that absolutely plays to the strengths of its writer, and it is not afraid to keep itself simple. It is just written the way I love it.

Just as important are the readers’ individual needs, which reflect the given time in their lives. Some enjoy a wide range of genres – from historical dramas, biographies and non-fiction to strictly fiction, action and crime, whereas many of my friends read only one author, style of writing or genre, and have no desire to expand their “reading field”.

Notwithstanding all the previous, one decides for oneself, what makes a book well worth one’s time, which in itself presents a challenge in defining, whether a book is a good read.


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