Why Participate in a Math Competition?

There are several competitions in Slovenia on the topic of math, but each is special and different. I personally find all these competitions great as they allow me and other students to develop our talent.

There are many reasons why I think that math competitions are special. The first reason is that they are fair to everyone. Tasks do not depend on the material taken at school, they are new to all competitors. I usually prepare myself by solving tasks of previous competitions. Even the results have shown that the best students do not come only from specific schools but are nicely gathered throughout the country.

The second reason is that the awards you receive help you obtain scholarships. One of the criteria for Zois scholarship is the number of points earned from competitions. With hard work and practice, you can develop your talent and get an award.

All in all, competitions are generally beneficial for progress and are not limited to math only. Next time you get a chance, do not forget to sign up. Why not give it a try?

Klara Podlipnik 

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